The New Spirit for The Biggest Challenges in Ethiopia

A global pandemic, War, Skyrocketing inflation. They are but the biggest challenges Ethiopia has gone through in 2013. The impacts on millions of low- or no-income Ethiopians can only be imagined. And the only way we can get through these biggest challenges as a nation is together.

As a company, We have therefore decided – in collaboration with our partners, Presidio and Labrina Restaurant – to embark on a series of quarterly events to not only facilitate our own contributions but to catalyze that of others – regardless of whether that happens through our events or otherwise.

It is self-evident that none of us can help all of those who need it all the time. Therefore, we will focus each quarter’s event on a small number of areas that will then be changed from one event to the next. We hope this approach will also lead to individual contributors staying committed to causes going forward. Always present will be the opportunity to donate blood through the International Red Cross and purchase GERD bonds through the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

Helping Ethiopians in need wherever they are in the primary criteria will guide our quarterly cause selections. Those selections should not be considered an assessment of which cause is worthy of giving to. Simply the best effort as to the more practical aspects of what can be done at a particular point in time both in terms of mobilizing support as well as reliably and effectively delivering it to the target causes.

For our first quarterly event, we are highlighting Nia foundation-Joy Autism Center and Abebech Gobena Foundation – both longstanding organizations which recently lost their founders due to Covid.  They need our help more than ever before.

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