Innovate ways to make your corporate event work?

A corporate event is an event organized by a business. Whether it is organized periodically or sporadically, a corporate event is organized for a reason. There is always a message, that a company or business, wants to come across. You might have organized a corporate event before or this might be your first time. Either way, there are a few things to consider that aren’t that obvious to assist you in meeting your end goals since an event’s success is measured from the value it adds. Here are a few ways to make your corporate event work:

Interaction among attendees

It is not practical for attendees to come, sit and listen because the whole point of a corporate event is for people from different departments to break down the wall that exists between them in order to collaborate and share their knowledge, expertise, and business experiences easily. You can think of a panel discussion where you assign one or two people from the audience to participate. This interactive format could enable shy participants to come out of their comfort zone and become part of the story. Letting your attendees manage their sessions by putting them into small groups could also work in your favor to create a highly suitable experience for everyone. Putting in place “unconferences”, a notion implying that the audience has more expertise than any other panelist on stage, is a new absorbing format.

Stream the event experience

With social media as the center for our daily activity, it is highly important to bring together the attendees on-site with the ones following up online by going live and streaming your event activities. So make sure you have a team handling your online participant. The whole point of this is to share your event’s core message, make a name for yourself and create a foundation for your next one by sharing photographed and recorded content from your event. You could even ask your attendees to tag and share their event experience.

Incorporate experiential learning

Experiential learning provides a long-lasting impression making your event worthwhile. It also helps make your event productive because the skills that employees gain from experiential learning are indeed applicable on the job allowing them to feel inspired, engaged, and empowered. It is challenging to come up with innovative ideas that align with your event objectives while still keeping in check your budget, however, incorporating things like product demonstrations, impromptu business pitches as part of your event activity will surely make your corporate event a success.

Offsite format

After the event has ended, you could consider offering your attendees entertainment options before they go their separate ways to help them engage with one another like sight-seeing for example. Instead of just learning from this experience, your attendees will potentially develop a long-lasting friendship. Nowadays, instead of just relying on monotone lectures and PowerPoint presentations it would be best to think of including interactive sessions. 

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