What’s the difference between Event Management and Planning?

Managing events and planning events are used quite frequently, and people are generally incapable of distinguishing between these words. Managing and planning events are different and require a different set of skills and functions. If you’re planning on hiring a professional for your upcoming event, it’s important that you don’t make a mistake to be able to do the other job. We’ve been broken down to help understand the difference between this term. 

Event Planning

Event planning starts with the word from planning. The keyword “planning” sounds the same with management but different. All types of events weddings, graduation, product launch, or corporate events all begin with some sort of planning. Event planning involves working closely with the client from an early stage. The focus of event planning is to execute the vision of the client for the event and to create the theme of the event is what event planning is all about. Event planning visualizes the end result and reverses engineering to make it a component and to make it a reality in particular.

Event Management

Events do not only require planning but bring several pieces together to be an event. Events have all these associated pieces coming together seamlessly according to schedule at the right time and place. This method is what is referred to as event management. 

Management of events includes the development, coordination, and management of all the different components of an event as well as the teams of people responsible for each element. The responsibilities of event managers are different than those of event planners. Event managers are responsible for budgeting, finding a location, working with other partners, designing a schedule, managing personnel, and more.

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