This is how you choose the right date for your event

If you’ve got an upcoming wedding, product launch, or any kind of event scheduled the worst thing that could happen after you’ve invested a lot of effort and money is not getting people to show up. It’s crucial that you choose a date that will allow most people to attend, without any conflict with holidays and vacation time. As a result, it will work for you and your event organizers. 

Here are a few points to consider, when planning and choosing a date for your next event:- 

Consider the season

Pretty often the best way to select the perfect date for your event is by starting off by excluding the worst options. you’ll want to consider the season because it can impact your event attendance:- 

  •  Not on holidays:- Official religious or public holidays are the worst time to plan your event unless your event is somehow tied to this holiday. Holidays, especially religious ones, are very important for people and play a major role in their lives, so it is a no-win situation for your event to be scheduled during a holiday.
  • Avoid Important Political and Public Events:- you’ll also want to avoid setting the date for your event during elections, referendums or other important political events happening. If you’re planning on an event to raise your brand awareness or product launch, setting your event during these days means you will surely lose the media’s attention. 

Watch out for your competition’s 

Furthermore, when you’re choosing a date for your event as much you want to be the only one, its’ quite possible your competitors might be planning one as well. Researching events within your industry can help you eliminate dates when your competitors are also lobbying for your attendees’ attention. 

It’s would be useful to map out all competing events on a calendar. That way, you know exactly when they’re taking place so that you can plan around them.

Venues and vendors availability

Your events won’t be possible without a venue in place and a vendor to work to make your event possible. it might not be important to consider this factor if the event you plan is very popular that they are looking to work on your project.

But if you have a particular vendor or venue you want to work with, it’s important to factor in their availability before settling on a date for your event. Also, Keep in mind that venues/vendors are usually more booked on weekends and might charge less for a weekday event.


Weather plays a major role in how successful your events will turn out to be. if you’re planning a wedding to be at the Golf Club Addis and you will not likely choose the date to be in the summer. 

To sum it up, choosing the right date for your event is everything. Now you can use our tips to help you pick the right and convenient date that your attendees will find suitable.  

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