A Guide to Help you Create Effective Email Invitation to Get More Attendees

Create effective email invitations today. Read our full-list to learn what goes into creating effective email invitations. 

In event marketing sending out effective email invitations is quite important. Often different companies use different social media channels and different techniques to spread the words and invites about the event that they hosted. But sending out a personalized invitation is a tested and proven technique to increase your event’s attendance.  

In today’s blog, we are going to share what makes up an effective email invitation that will help you attract more attendees for your next event. 

What makes an effective email invitation?

An effective email invitation is what inspires your recipients to attend an event you have planned or hosted. At festive events when sending out an email invitation we recommend that your email invitation contains a bit of formality depending on the type of event, a specific subject line, brief body of text, and call to action. 

Professional email address

Sending out email invitations from your personal email address might not help you build credibility. It helps build trust in your audience by owning your own domain and getting your professional email address. This lets the participants assume that your company is a respected one and they should not skip or not be missed. 

Subject line

You can give your subject line a brief description by using a simple sentence. your subject line is important because it will be the reason why your recipients open your invitation email.  You can add incentives or create urgency in your subject line to improve the open rate for your invitations emails.

Give it a personal touch 

Giving your email a personal touch by mentioning the reader’s name is always better. often when sending out an invitation you’ll send a bulk message, but a personal touch can be very welcoming therefore effective for your event marketing.

Of course, individually inviting people to an event is very time-consuming, but the results are too good not to do it.

Pictures and visual contents 

To stand out in your email in the eyes of your recipients, making it visual is important as well. Adding pictures, funny gifs, and links to social media is a great way to make your invitation email interactive to your recipients visually.  

Value Proposition

To be successful in your email invitation, it’s important you draw the attention of your recipients.  You can add in your email invitation event a small text about how will people benefit from such an event is a good idea. You will explain why they should attend this event and what they will gain from it to your audience in a few sentences.

Exact time, date and venue:

This three-piece of information is very important to be included in your email invitations. you must provide the exact date, time, and location because this information is the lifeline of your event.  when sending a reminder email, a few days before the event, provide your guests with the exact details.

Call to Action 

A call to action is what prompts the reader to take action after reading your email invitation.  CTA makes it easier for people to respond to your invitation mail for an event. You may add one CTA but not more because it might confuse the recipient and you can lose a potential attendee.

Also, remember “less is more”, so when you don’t even add a CTA but your event is exactly what the person has been looking for, then the recipient will already be eager to attend it. You can always include a request for a confirmation button asking people to confirm your invitation. 

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