Guide to Networking Events for Students

Networking events can be a fun place for new people to connect. If you haven’t done it at least a couple of times, you might find it scary. How would I start the conversion? I have never had a real job before, so they’re not going to be interested in me. All these questions may prevent you from attending networking events. But if you know how networking events can work for you, It could help you get started on your carrier journey as a marketing tool.

But before you go out to these networking events check out our simple but effective tips to help you succeed in your networking. 

Dress well 

This might sound too cocky. Don’t forget to make a good first impression, and what better way than to dress up. Dress well and show people how professional you are and how ready you are.

Do your research 

Come prepared by studying the people you are interested in meeting and researching their LinkedIn profile, work experience, education & history, achievements, recent posts, and papers.

Be a giver, not a taker

Don’t just approach them and ask them to give you an internship or job.  It’s always a great way to start by asking them what you can do for their business, how you can collaborate with the current team to help them achieve the goal of their company. Then you give them, you don’t ask them. Now you’re giving them, not asking them. you’re providing them or your starting with providing value not asking for one.

Come prepared with a pitch

With a good conversation starter, you got involved and got off on the right foot. But it doesn’t mean the whole thing is over and you should ask for their contact. You can hit them with a great pitch once you have their attention, selling your skillset and what you have to give them. A great pitch can help you market and achieve the aim that first brought you to a networking event.

Stay in touch 

Once you’ve made the connection, keeping in touch is vital. Make use of the contact by reaching out over the phone or email. Networking works best if you are not afraid to seek support, from counseling to mentoring and resources. Rich out and remind them who you are, and tell them that meeting them is a pleasure.

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